“The boisterous cast is led by the facially agile Gary Walker, who morphs from rabidly feral to finishing-school elegant as Bat Boy. The scene in which he learns to speak — his guttural croaks evolving into words and syntax — is a comic gem.” – CleveScene, Christine Howey

“…spearheaded by the multitalented Gary Walker as Bat Boy; Walker steals your heart while curdling your blood.” – Cleveland Jewish News, Fran Heller

“Gary Walker is exceptional as the Bat Boy, from the moment he runs “naked” in the cave. His transformation is remarkable, turning from a childlike animal into an erudite young renaissance man with a perfect, upper-curst British accent and human desires. It’s worth the price of admission just to see this crazy guy hang upside down from his cage, bat-style.” – Akron Beacon Journal, Kerry Clawson

“…Gary Walker’s charming Bat Boy…sings full voice while hanging upside down.” – The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tony Brown

“Gary Walker is Bat Boy incarnate. He hangs from the rafters, sings with gusto, textures the role with pathos, and captivates the audience.” – The Times Newspapers, Roy Berko


“Gary Walker is heart-wrenching as Paul…” – The Beacon Journal, Kerry Clawson

“The highlight acting scene was Gary Walker’s long soliloquy. He brought tears while recounting his character’s self-perceived shameful life.” – The Times Newspaper, Roy Berko


“Bussert’s cast carries out her mission. Gary Walker sings and acts his way beautifully through the difficult role of Pasquale, an Italian teen who wants to be a musical legend and live in a penthouse.” – The Times Newspapers, Roy Berko

“Gary Walker, as Pasquale, is a baby-faced and likable presence, easily believable as the lone member of his tribe capable of seeing past race, acting with precision and grace.” – Cleveland Free Times, Marie Andrusewicz



 “We weren’t actually there, but somehow the audience gets to know these individuals in a remarkably personal way.  You celebrate them and you loathe them.  This can only be achieved through superb storytelling and great honestly, and that is exactly what is delivered.” – Derrick Cobey, Actor

"There is a seeming simplicity in Gary Walker's performance of his autobiographical play GREEN EYES JUST LIKE YOU AND ME, although "simple" it is not. He shines in T shirt, jeans and bare feet (though I swear I saw work boots and high heels at times) as he invites us into his often funny tale of early life as a member of an unusual and extremely likeable family. Working with only three crates as morphing furniture and lighting to set various moods, he cleanly draws for us the odd and various characters he becomes: Mom, Grandma, a waitress, young Gary and perhaps most important, his Dad. At times, several of the characters will populate one scene and in a moment of magic, the gifted actor seemlessly presents the entire cast. One of the most affective deeper stories brought us closer to "Dad" as he sat in soliloquy, telling of his past. There are many hilarious scenes as well, either because of the innate peculiarity of the characters or the situations in which they find themselves. Through GREEN EYES, Gary Walker has given us a taste of his honest and unique storytelling and I can only hope that he mines other stories from his past, present and future to bring us more." – Blake Walton – Actor/Playwright

GREEN EYES JUST LIKE YOU AND ME was indescribable! I was in awe of the strength, love, and talent in the room. Congratulations Gary Walker on writing and performing such a beautifully balanced piece and inviting us into your life! – Jacklyn Arnest, Playwright

 "Gary took me on an incredible journey with his story.  I found myself going through every single emotion with him while he was onstage.  He made me feel like I was a trusted friend that he was sharing the craziest of stories and deepest of secrets...I hope to see much more from Gary in the future. – Emily Bodkin, Actress